“A Heartwarming Bond: Two Dogs Finding Comfort in Each Other During Tough Times”

Dogs have a special place in our hearts because they provide comfort during times of sickness and sadness. They seem to understand our emotional state and stay by our side to offer support. Dogs not only offer comfort to humans, but also to their fellow canines in times of need. We have witnessed many stories of dogs who remain loyal to their injured or deceased friends, refusing to leave their side. In the following story, we see how a sick dog provides comfort to another dog that is also going through a difficult experience.

Simon and Sammie, two adorable dogs, were rescued from separate shelters in South Carolina and are now under the care of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a volunteer-based non-profit organization. Unfortunately, Simon, a one-year-old Border Collie, is suffering from a severe case of mange, a skin condition caused by mites.

Simon was in a terrible state when he was abandoned at the shelter as a stray. He was experiencing a high fever, shedding tears and trembling uncontrollably. His body was emaciated, and he had open sores that were infected.

On the flip side, we have a young Boxer pup named Sammie who unfortunately suffered from extreme abuse. Sammie endured being coated in spray paint, shot in the head, and even dragged behind a vehicle.

On their Instagram page, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared an update about Sammie’s current state. According to them, Sammie’s head bears a bullet hole which is visible in the photo. Furthermore, his skin has been torn and sliced open as a result of being dragged behind a vehicle. Sadly, it seems that at least one of his back legs has also suffered from this ordeal, with the bones being crushed.

Despite going through his own difficult time, Simon reaches out to Sammie to offer comfort. The connection between these two is truly unique and they continue to strengthen their bond.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has worked hard to provide the necessary treatment for these two pups who were in dire need of medical attention. Simon’s health has significantly improved, and we can visibly see how much better he is doing.

Despite Sammie’s critical condition, Simon is present to safeguard and keep a close eye on him.

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