A Heartwarming Tale: How a Brave Mother Dog Saved the Day in a Busy Canteen.

In 2006, on the occasion of the Chinese Qingming festival, a dog monument was erected at Hejiashan Cemetery in Jiujiang City. The locals paid their respects to the dog’s grave every year by offering bouquets of flowers and food as an offering. The villagers honored this heroic dog by erecting a monument and providing it with a dignified burial.

Can you believe what this amazing dog did to earn such admiration? Imagine a female dog who had just given birth to four adorable puppies laid down her life to save over 30 people. Doesn’t it tug at your heartstrings? It all happened on September 28th, 2003 when a man named Liu purchased a dead dog from a market and brought it back to the driving school where he worked. The canteen operator then cooked up a pot of dog meat stew, which was meant to be dinner for over 30 employees that night. As the cook was stewing the meat, the delicious aroma attracted four curious puppies who wandered into the canteen. One of the employees couldn’t resist the puppies’ cuteness and offered them some meat to nibble on.

Out of nowhere, Sai-Hu, the mother of four puppies, stormed into the canteen and used her paw to push away the meat. The employees ignored her barks and continued cooking the dog meat. Sai-Hu became restless as she circled around the meat while growling and barking at it. She even barked at the pot of dog meat stew. The employees assumed she wanted more meat and threw a few pieces on the ground, but Sai-Hu didn’t eat it and continued barking. As more people entered the canteen, her barks grew more ferocious and she let out a sad whine. Her puppies rushed in after hearing her whine, and Sai-Hu greeted them by nudging them with her nose and licking the smallest one.

Finally, Sai-Hu let out a mournful howl before devouring the dog meat scraps on the ground. It took less than 10 minutes for Sai-Hu to start convulsing violently and bleeding from all seven orifices. The dog had passed away! Witnessing this, the employees waiting to eat the dog stew were startled! They soon discovered that the pot of stew had been poisoned! The tainted stew was sent to the Health and Epidemic Prevention Department for testing and was found to contain “tetramine,” a substance used to poison rodents. The poison in the stew was potent enough to kill a full-grown cow! Thanks to Sai-Hu’s bravery and loyalty, more than 30 lives were saved. Previously, Liu had thought stories of loyal dogs saving their owners were mere legends. However, after experiencing this event, Liu now believes that loyal dogs do indeed save their owners when they are in danger. Even after three years, Liu still has mixed emotions about the faithful Sai-Hu who sacrificed their life to save others. Liu admitted, “I purchased the dog meat, and if anything had happened, I would have been responsible for the deaths. It was Sai-Hu who saved everyone.”

Liu reminisced about the incident that took place at Lin Ye driving academy in Jiujiang City and how Sai-Hu had saved them from consuming poisoned meat, preventing dire consequences. Upon Sai-Hu’s death, owners Fu Wenqi and his wife were grief-stricken and buried their beloved pet in their vegetable garden. Zhang NingKang, the general manager of He Jieshan Cemetery, was moved by Sai-Hu’s bravery and offered to relocate the dog’s grave to his cemetery. Although surprised, Fu Wenqi and his wife appreciated the gesture but couldn’t understand why a dog would be buried in a human cemetery. Zhang NingKang believed that Sai-Hu’s spirit, which had saved people, deserved admiration. He spent 10,000 Yuan to find a suitable spot for her grave, made a coffin, carved a stone tablet, and employed workers to move the grave. Zhang NingKang personally wrote Sai-Hu’s story on the tablet to honor the heroic dog.

Just like us humans, all living beings have their own unique ways of living on this earth. It’s important to show empathy and compassion towards them, treating them with kindness and equality. Those who understand how to treat animals with care and fairness possess great virtues and blessings. If you enjoyed the inspiring tale of Sai-Hu, consider sharing it with your Facebook friends. Thank you for spreading awareness and kindness towards all living beings.

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