A Heartwarming Tale of a Dog’s Last Days: Fighting Cancer and Reuniting with Her Beloved Owner.

Canines are one of the most dedicated animals around. Their affection towards their loved ones is unmatched. A tale about a dog, who is 11 years old with cancer, highlights the strength of their devotion.

Kermie, a lovable pet, was found to have cancer just a month after her owner, Eric Ralston, went away for an eight-month deployment. Jennifer, Eric’s better half, shared on her YouTube channel that they never imagined Kermie would still be around to welcome her ‘dad’ back home.

The family was devastated when they received heartbreaking news just twelve days before Eric’s planned return home. Jennifer shared on her YouTube page that Eric’s deployment had been extended indefinitely, and it became clear that Kermie would not survive until Christmas.

Kermie, the beloved pet, patiently waited for Eric’s return before giving in to eating and drinking. Upon his arrival, Kermie was revitalized, as if Eric’s presence was a miraculous cure. She cherished Eric so much that she lived to celebrate her 12th birthday in January. Regrettably, in late February 2013, Kermie lost her life to the tumor. Nonetheless, her last moments were spent with the love of her life.

Eric Ralston had an amazing reunion with his beloved pooch, Kermie, and the whole heartwarming episode was caught on camera by his family. The joy and happiness on Kermie’s face when she saw Eric cannot be put into words. You simply have to watch the video of their touching reunion below.

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