A Little Pooch’s Big Victory: Overcoming Obesity through Perseverance and Inspiration

Obie, the chubby canine who achieved what many humans would find arduous, lost a whopping 22 kilos and is now a content and healthy pup! This little dachshund had an incredible weight of 35 kilos (77 pounds) just over a year ago. His original owners, who were elderly, couldn’t provide him with an active lifestyle and to compensate, they showered him with love and excessive treats, as stated on the Obie website.

When the elderly’s relative realized that being overweight was a significant threat to Obie’s health, they decided to take action. Nora Vanatta, a specialist in animal weight loss, was called upon to treat Obie in Portland, Oregon. Back then, the 5-year-old was quite large, as seen in the picture.

As soon as Nora Vanatta, a certified veterinary technician with a background in animal science, realized that Obie needed to lose around 40 pounds, she sprang into action to assist him.

Nora documented her journey towards weight loss on her Facebook fan page, Obie Dog Journey. After eight months of hard work, Obie surpassed her target of losing 40 pounds. However, she had to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin.

Last year in October, Nora shared pictures of Obie enjoying his time at the beach. It was impressive to see that he had already shed 50 pounds and was visibly healthier. Don’t you think so?

Nora has shared Obie’s diet on his Facebook page as a source of inspiration for those struggling to shed weight. She hopes that Obie’s success story can motivate people and animals alike to focus on their health and work towards bettering themselves.

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