A Mother’s Final Plea: Poisoned Dog Lifts Head to Beg for Help in Saving Her Puppies

Luna, a mother dog who had recently given birth to a litter of six puppies, fell victim to poisoning when someone put poisoned food beneath a car while she was searching for food. Sadly, Luna became trapped and consumed the poisoned food. A little child found Luna in a dreadful state and waited for the elderly man who had left the poisoned food to depart before calling the Prishtina Dog Shelter. The shelter volunteers arrived just in time to save Luna’s life with an emergency injection from their vet. Despite her excessive breathing, Luna bravely lifted her head in a desperate plea to save her puppies.

Come and witness the heartwarming reunion of a mother dog and her little ones at the Prishtina Dog Sanctuary! Our sanctuary is dedicated to providing a safe haven for dogs in need, and we take pride in reuniting families whenever possible. You won’t want to miss the touching moment when this mother dog was finally reunited with her beloved puppies. Join us today and experience the joy of seeing these precious animals come together once again!

The following day, Luna was all set to receive her initial shots that were crucial for her and her pups’ well-being. Although a bit anxious, she displayed excellent behavior, showcasing her charming canine nature. Despite feeling a bit frail and in need of some rest, Luna was doing well.

The next day, our veterinarian examined Luna and confirmed that she was in good health. It turned out that her puppies were still too young, so they weren’t ready for adoption just yet. Luna seemed happy to see them and was very friendly toward us, which indicated that she wasn’t a stray dog who had been abandoned there.

There are some lovely things to see here! Meet Nikita and Luna, two orphans who were discovered just one day before Luna. Despite not being her own offspring, Luna kindly lets them nurse from her. What a kind-hearted mother she is! The great news is that Luna and her little ones have all been adopted and will now have a forever home after only spending 10 days in the shelter. It’s heartwarming to know that Luna has finally found the loving family she deserves in Los Angeles.

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