A Pit Bull With a Unique Toy Finds His Perfect Forever Family

Bruno, a dog with only one ear living at the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina, has found a new companion that looks just like him – a stuffed toy animal with one ear missing. The shelter shared pictures of Bruno and his toy creation on Facebook, which quickly went viral. It was revealed that Bruno’s ear loss was due to a traumatic past of being chained up outside and attacked by another dog, but his new best friend proves that he is still perfect just the way he is.

The SPCA of Wake County, North Carolina, is now home to Bruno, a dog who has suffered through harsh living conditions, being chained outside year-round and experiencing both freezing winters and hot summers without relief. However, at the shelter, Bruno has found a new best friend in a one-eared stuffed toy that he tore the ear off of, so that it would resemble him. Photos of Bruno and his toy quickly went viral on social media, and the shelter explained that the pup’s history was far from charming and that he lost his ear in a non-adorable way. Nevertheless, Bruno has now found a father figure to take care of him at the shelter.

Bruno used to live a difficult life, tied up outside in freezing winters and hot summers. Being unable to run away, another dog attacked him, causing his ear to be torn off. The SPCA reports that Bruno suffered from heartworm disease due to his prolonged outdoor exposure. Despite all these challenges, Bruno maintains his positive spirit and is grateful for his good health. SPCA Wake will cover the complete cost of his treatment through donations. Sadly, many shelter dogs in North Carolina suffer from heartworm disease, making it challenging for them to find homes. Nonetheless, Bruno is a wonderful dog just the way he is.

The staff at the shelter were quick to point out how polite and lovely Bruno is, despite the hardships he’s faced. His pouty eyes belie his cheerful and loving demeanor, and he always wags his tail with joy. It’s hard to believe that he’s had such a rough start in life! According to the SPCA, Bruno is not only charming, but also intelligent and well-behaved. He still enjoys spending time with other dogs and is friendly towards everyone he meets.

Bruno, the cute dog, became an internet sensation when his pictures went viral online. The post on Facebook was shared over 50,000 times. After hearing Bruno’s story, a man decided to adopt him and become his new dad. The SPCA was thrilled with the news and even mentioned that Bruno’s plush toy would be accompanying him to his new home to continue their friendship. In the footage of Bruno’s Freedom Walk, it was evident that the stuffed animal was following him.

The sanctuary for animals mentioned that Bruno has found a new owner who loves him just the way he is and has promised to shower him with love and care for the rest of his life.

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