A Unique Feline Tale: Couple Adopts Stray Cat With Surprising Differences

Sara Nozaki and Grant Olson were in for a surprise when they welcomed their adorable cat Wilbur into their home. Little did they know that they had adopted a feline with a human-like personality! Wilbur has an unusual habit of sitting upright like a human, which never fails to amuse his owners.

Nozaki shared that Grant stumbled upon a post on the New York City subreddit featuring some pictures of a cat. The post asked if anyone knew the cat’s owner as it seemed to be abandoned. Grant jokingly commented that he could take in the cat if the owner couldn’t be found. Surprisingly, two days later, he found himself taking care of the cat.

“He tends to assume peculiar positions while seated, possibly due to his long torso or short legs.”

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