“Abandoned Dog with Swollen Muzzle Pleads for Help, But Receives Only Pity”

Currently, many individuals are engaging in fundraising activities, with some utilizing online platforms such as GoFundMe to commemorate their birthdays or achieve their aspirations. One furry girl has recently gained significant support as people banded together to help save her life.

This mixed-breed pooch is just one of the many furry friends that Causes for Animals in Singapore takes care of. This non-profit organization dedicates their time and resources to help animals in need, especially those without proper protection. Time was of the essence when they took in the dog, who needed urgent medical attention. Mandai was initially part of a program that ensured street dogs were spayed or neutered, and given free meals and medical attention. However, Mandai required additional assistance due to her complicated health situation, which prompted the organization to act quickly to save her.

Mandai Mama had a small bump on her snout that had grown so big that it was causing her difficulty in eating and drinking regularly. Her eyes showed a lot of pain and suffering, and her life was at risk due to her inability to perform basic tasks. To help address the situation, the group decided to take her to the Animal World Veterinary clinic where they conducted several examinations to help explain her condition.

Causes for Animals recently rescued a woman and requested help on Facebook to collect funds for her potential medical procedure. Unfortunately, an update on April 16 confirmed that the tumor is incurable and aggressive, as they had speculated. The CT scan showed that the cancer had metastasized, and the tumor cannot be surgically removed. For now, she will require palliative care.

Despite the fact that Mandai cannot undergo the expensive operation, she still requires financial support for her costly care. However, she has come a long way since she was found weak and abandoned on the streets, and her condition has improved under the care of the Gentle Paws shelter for retired animals. The shelter is still in need of everyone’s assistance to continue taking care of this furry companion.

During her last moments, they aspire to provide her with a luxurious lifestyle. Despite the ambiguity of Mandai’s destiny, everyone is steadfast in their determination to battle cancer and they require our support to achieve this goal.

By accessing the website of the organization, individuals who wish to assist the dogs can guarantee that they are able to prevent this harsh illness from cutting short the life of these adorable creatures.

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