“An Uncommon Pooch: The Endearing Canine with a Second Tail on His Head, Saved with Affection”

Dogs are commonly known as our beloved companions, and they seem to be crafted just for us. In 2019, a special golden retriever named Narwhal was born with a distinct feature – an extra tail growing from his forehead. This rare characteristic makes him look like an adorable “unicorn” puppy that is hard to resist.

Meet Narwhal, an unusual puppy who was found wandering around in the cold with another dog. Rochelle Steffen, founder of a rescue center in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, heard about the situation and decided to take Narwhal under her wing. Despite being left behind by his previous owners and described as “different,” Rochelle has an affinity for challenging cases, and she was more than happy to help out this adorable pup. She first became aware of Narwhal thanks to a social media post, which prompted her to provide him with a warm shelter and a new home.

From the moment Rochelle laid eyes on Narwhal, she knew that he was the perfect pup for her. She instantly fell in love with his happy-go-lucky demeanor, which was evident in the constant wagging of his unique butt tail. Despite being born with a rare birth defect that caused him to have an extra tail that doesn’t connect to anything inside his body, Narwhal is a healthy dog that is completely unaware of his difference from other dogs. Although he has a treatable worm issue, Rochelle sees no reason to remove his distinctive lock-of-hair-like extra tail. Now, Narwhal calls Rochelle’s home his own and spends his days snuggling up to humans and playing with his rescue buddy and fellow pup, Ash, a Chihuahua mix.

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