Cat’s Cravings for Snacks: More Predictable than Fortune Telling

Introducing you to Blake, the charming and fluffy cat who may not possess the ability to converse in human language, yet he has his ways to convey his wishes. Blake is a smart kitty who doesn’t take much time to make it clear that he’s in dire need of some treats and demands them without any delay.

Paige Evanss, proud owner of a cat named Blake, has shared a video on TikTok that highlights her pet’s amusing way of asking for treats. Unlike other pets who may use flattery to get what they want, Blake takes a more direct path. He simply grabs his owner’s attention and points with his paws towards the treats. Blake seems to understand that his message is clear, and he even gives an annoyed look when his owner fails to respond accordingly. It’s not just a one-time occurrence either, as there have been other instances where Blake has used this tactic. While it’s unclear whether or not Blake ultimately gets the treats he desires, his ingenuity and cleverness definitely deserve praise.

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