“Chained and Neglected: The Heartbreaking Story of an Abused Bait Dog Left to Suffer from Infection”

The team at Slapdash Deliverance in St. Louis got a call about a dog that was tied to a hedge. When they arrived, they were shocked by the poor condition of the animal. It was clear that this dog had been mistreated and could have potentially been used for dogfighting purposes.

The poor pup had food all over his body and face, and even on his legs. His face was so swollen that he couldn’t open his eyes. He had developed an infection because he didn’t cover up a cut for weeks. Sadly, the dog was left chained up to die. Fortunately, some kind-hearted people rescued him and took him to their facility. They put him on an IV and gave him antibiotics for several months. A nanny was also called in to help take care of him around the clock.

It’s amazing to see how Marco, the canine, overcame his challenges to become a true fighter. His journey towards recovery wasn’t an easy one, but he managed to pull through. What’s impressive about him is that despite everything he’s been through, he still adores people and craves their affection.

Currently, he happily resides among a bunch of dog siblings in a caring and affectionate family, relishing in the joy of playtime. Fortunately, his former days of dog-fighting have become a distant memory, and although he carries the marks of his past, it does not determine who he is today.

Currently, he spends most of his time snuggling on the couch with his newly adopted family or playing around with other children in their spacious community.

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