Excited Pooch Awaits the School Bus: Ready to Spread Love and Affection to Kids with Hugs and Gestures Galore!

Every day, Maggie eagerly waits for her human sibling’s return. As soon as she sees the school bus approaching, she knows her wait is over.

We’ve witnessed dogs waiting for the bus to arrive, but this particular pooch has a surprise in store for their cherished human. As soon as the child steps off the school bus, they head towards home, anticipating what’s about to happen next.

There is something that always lifts my mood and never gets boring – when my furry friend Maggie submits to me and rolls onto her back for some belly rubs. After that, she welcomes me with open paws for a hug!

Although he may not be away from her for extended periods, this beautiful girl always cherishes their time together. You can witness their touching moments by watching the video shared below.

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