“Feline on the Mend: Michigan’s ‘Bound’ Cat Makes a Recovery”

The cat that was previously ‘bound’ is now recovering in Michigan!

Jane Alexander Krynski had very little hope for the cat that was delivered to her veterinary hospital covered in an infection, fleas, and duct tape. “I thought the cat was going to die yesterday,” Krynski stated. “This cat is in pretty poor condition. However, he has responded amazingly to treatment.” The cat was brought in by Deb Zerafa, the Grand Traverse County Animal Control officer, just the other day. Zerafa found the cat near the veterinary hospital on Veterans Drive, Krynski stated. It took an hour or so to cut through the tape. Veterinarians then followed with cleaning his skin, giving him antibiotics and fluids, and naming him Ronnie. About 20 percent of all of his skin was covered in tape and now is infected, Krynski stated. He is also suffering from a tumor in his ear, is underweight, and is anemic. His organs are now finally recovering with treatment.

Some pet owners resort to using duct tape on their animals to prevent them from scratching or biting themselves, according to Krystynski. However, it is unclear whether Ronnie’s owner intended to use the tape for this purpose or to intentionally harm him, and no one knows who the owner is. Animal abuse is a serious matter, and it is important to report any instances of cruelty or harm to local authorities or animal welfare organizations. They can investigate the situation, provide appropriate care for the animal, and take legal action against the perpetrators if necessary. Spread the word to your friends!

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