Feline’s Heartfelt Response to Departed Comrade Caught on Camera

The memory of him still lingers in her mind… When Sebage, the father of Monteiro, passed away suddenly last year, it was a challenging period for their entire family. Monteiro put her life on hold to attend to his affairs, which included finding new homes for his beloved pets. One of these pets was Tina, a cherished companion of Sebage for a decade. According to Monteiro, Tina and the other animals were like family to her, serving as a means of keeping her father’s memory alive.

Monteiro shared that she and her father’s pets have been a source of comfort for each other since his passing. She made sure to take good care of the animals to avoid any suffering. As their bonds grew stronger, Monteiro started to wonder about the pets’ feelings towards her dad’s memory, particularly Tina’s. She expressed her curiosity about how Tina coped with her father’s absence after his death and decided to investigate further.

Monteiro and Tina were together when Monteiro played a video recording of her father on camera. To their surprise, Tina’s cat was immediately captivated by the video. This heartfelt moment made Monteiro realize that Tina had not forgotten her father even after a year had passed since his passing. Monteiro was moved by Tina’s emotional reaction and felt that she now had a better understanding of Tina’s relationship with her father and the effect of his death on her. Monteiro was grateful for this insight into Tina’s heart.

While Monteiro can’t change the fact that his father has passed away, Tina’s memory of him reminds them both that the love he left behind still exists. Despite the bittersweet moment, it provides comfort to Monteiro, knowing that he and Tina have each other. He already loved Tina like a father, and she seems to reciprocate that love by sleeping with him every night.

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