From Stray to Savior: How a Homeless Pup Rescued and Nursed a Stray Kitten Back to Health

Anderson Animal Control’s Officer Michelle Smith was contacted about a stray dog making loud barking and howling noises, indicating that it was trying to attract attention. Curious about the situation, Officer Smith decided to investigate the matter. However, upon arrival, what she encountered left her astounded.

Down by a hill near a narrow valley, there was a stray dog that was caring for a little kitten. Smith realized that if she left them on their own, they wouldn’t make it. Hence, she picked them up and took them to a nearby shelter to ensure their safety.

The five-year-old Shih Tzu had taken on the role of mother to a tiny kitten and was extremely protective of her. The kitten found solace in the dog’s embrace, and the two became inseparable. What’s even more remarkable is that the dog was lactating and could nurse the kitten. However, the dog hadn’t given birth; her lactation was due to a “pseudo pregnancy.”

False pregnancy, which is also commonly referred to as pseudo pregnancy, has the ability to imitate the symptoms of an actual pregnancy. These symptoms may include the enlargement of mammary glands, along with or without the secretion of milk.

The survival of a kitten was made possible by a dog who produced milk for her. This heartwarming story highlights the incredible bond that can exist between different species. The video below shares the full details of this amazing tale.

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