“Furry Co-Workers: How Our Office Kittens Turned Our Workdays into Delightful Moments”

Our next tale takes us to Manitoba, where a heartwarming story unfolds. It involves a group of kittens who were orphaned after their mother passed away, and two kind-hearted foster mothers who took them in. Fans of The Office TV show, the rescuers decided to give the feline siblings names inspired by the characters from the sitcom. However, tragedy struck when one of the kittens became severely ill. Despite the odds being against him, the kitten defied death and made a miraculous recovery. From then on, the kittens were filled with joy, playfulness, and plenty of cuddles. This story is a true testament to the power of resilience and love.

The Office Kittens playing in their foster enclosure

According to Brooke, the little feline creatures had their eyes wide open, indicating that they were approximately 10-14 days old. As a result, they had to be fed with a bottle throughout the night, every few hours.

The Office Kittens when they arrived in foster care, Instagram/fosterzoowithroo

The Feline Cast of The Office Our beloved characters from the iconic television show have been reincarnated as charming little kittens. Watch as Dwight’s grumpiness, Michael’s comedic antics, and Jim and Pam’s romance come to life in a brand new way. Feast your eyes on The Office Kittens, who are only three and a half weeks old.


“The Office” is a popular television show that has gained a large following over the years. The show revolves around the daily lives of office workers and their various antics. It is known for its witty humor, relatable characters, and its ability to make viewers laugh out loud. Whether you are a fan of the show or not, “The Office” is definitely worth checking out.


Laura G. warmly welcomed the characters from “The Office” by listing their names in a specific order: Dwight, Michael, Jim, and Pam. She lovingly referred to them as her “Office babies” and expressed her excitement in having them as part of her family.

Michael, Dwight, Pam, and Jim

Starting from the upper left corner, we see Michael and Dwight. In the lower left corner, there are Pam and Jim. Laura posted a group photo that was almost perfect but not quite (it’s a common thing in every workplace, isn’t it?). Michael seemed to be avoiding looking at the camera in the picture.

Group shot of The Office kittens

The Foster Home is Struck by Panleukopenia Unexpectedly, the foster home was hit by a highly contagious virus called panleukopenia, also known as Panleuk or FPV, which affected all the kittens. This virus can be fatal for young kittens, and it required consistent care, multiple medications, and even IV infusions to provide these kittens with any chance of survival. Unfortunately, Jim couldn’t withstand the virus and passed away despite every effort to save him. Nonetheless, Dwight, Michael, and Pam managed to beat the virus and make a remarkable recovery. Throughout this tough time, the Office kittens were surrounded by love as Laura G. and the Grateful Friends Animal Rescue received numerous donations and support from people who rallied around them. Finally, Dwight, Michael, and Pam made an unexpected yet dramatic turnaround, and their goofy antics and appetites returned in full. As anticipated, Michael remained a little awkward and clumsy like his TV character, but he’s undoubtedly charming!

Michael the Office Kittens rescue on a green cat tree

Michael strikes a pose for the camera while his mobility gradually improves. His playful behavior brings joy and laughter to those around him, with Dwight always vying for the spotlight. Meanwhile, the Office Kittens are doing well, reaching the necessary weight for spay/neuter and adoption through Grateful Friends Animal Rescue. During their time in foster care, they’ve made new companions, including MoMo, another lucky survivor of Panleukemia.

All the rescued kittens with MoMo on a cat tree

Laura G expressed that this is the perfect opportunity for a triple adoption as these rescued kittens are the most affectionate, cheerful, and friendly felines. They bring endless joy, amusement, and love through their constant purring and snuggling.

Momo with The Office Kittens, Dwight, Pam, and Michael

Momo hangs out with Dwight, Pam, and Michael.

Dwight and Michael on a cat tree

Dwight and Michael along with Pam and Michael are all part of the feline version of The Office. It’s heartwarming to see how closely bonded Pam and Michael are as they start their new life together. This picture is just too adorable for words!

Pam and Michael, The Office Kittens

Meet Pam and Michael, the dynamic duo who have gained recognition as heroic rescuers. Pam is a natural-born leader, always eager to embark on new adventures with her lively and playful personality. Her love for her cat tree is undeniable, and she takes pride in being the first to explore new territories. Her brother Michael is her closest companion, and their bond has only strengthened after overcoming an illness together. In fact, they are often found holding hands and rarely leave each other’s side. It’s not hard to see why Pam is one of the most adorable kittens around.

Pam the kitten, The Office Kittens, Grateful Friends Animal Rescue, Manitoba, Canada

Dwight Discovers Love and a Forever Home But no need to fret, Dwight discovered plenty of love while in foster care with a adorable pup named Fern. It’s not surprising considering he always desired to be the alpha dog on the program! However, Dwight eventually found his permanent residence alongside two feline siblings and a massive cat wheel which he adores playing with. It’s suitable because there was even a wheel on the television program (The Chore Wheel created by Pam)! Grateful Friends shared, “When it comes to Mr. Dwight, what can we say? He’s a silly dog who is always brimming with energy. Observing him during his zoomies play sessions with his siblings is a hilarious sight!”

Pam and Michael, The Office Kittens, 2

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