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Dog Brothers Claim Newborn Baby Sister As Their Own | The Dodo

When a new baby enters a household, the adjustment period can be tough for everyone involved. But for Winston and Doug, two golden retrievers, there was no adjustment necessary. They claimed their parents’ newborn baby girl as their own the second they met her.

In a heartwarming video shared by The Dodo, the two dogs can be seen doting on the tiny baby, snuggling up to her and even licking her toes. And it seems that the feeling is mutual, as the baby’s very first word was “dog.”

Winston and Doug have been a part of their family for years, so it’s no surprise that they immediately took to their new sister. But their love and devotion are still incredibly touching to witness.

The video has been viewed thousands of times on social media, with many people commenting on the sweet bond between the dogs and the baby. It’s a reminder that animals can be just as much a part of the family as human members.

If you want to keep up with Winston and Doug’s adventures, you can follow them on Instagram and TikTok. And if you’re an animal lover, be sure to subscribe to The Dodo’s YouTube channel for more heartwarming stories like this one.

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