Heartbreaking Scene: Canine’s Painful Wail as Thorns Take Over Its Oral Cavity

Thor’s owner discovered him in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with numerous quills poking out of his body. The pictures show a beautiful golden-brown dog with an abundance of yellow quills on his face, head, nose, ears, and limbs. As Adriano Bertoline couldn’t afford the veterinarian expenses, he set up a crowdfunding campaign to fund Thor’s treatment.

Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari, a community leader, came forward to aid Thor by taking him to the hospital and providing monetary support. It has been reported that Thor, who is only three years old, had a second encounter with a porcupine, resulting in severe injuries.

Upon finding Thor with porcupine quills piercing him, Bertoline sought help to get him proper medical attention. He then took to the internet to ask for assistance, tweeting a plea for help and expressing his concern about not being able to afford it. Wishing everyone a pleasant morning, he shared the situation and asked for anyone who could help, including veterinarians or hospitals.

Upon receiving the dog owner’s plea for help, councilor Dr. Jose Roberto Apolari came to the rescue. According to a Facebook post by Adriano, who couldn’t afford a private vet for his dog, Dr. Apolari turned out to be an angel in Thor’s life. Being jobless with four kids at home, Adriano was unable to bear the veterinary expenses. However, after taking Thor to the vet and paying for the visit, the councilman went a step further by taking care of the dog at his home.

As per the statements given by Thor’s guardian, the pooch has faced a porcupine twice in the past year. In the month of February 2021, one of Adriano’s acquaintances, who worked in a personal veterinary clinic at that time, assisted the injured dog.

It’s unclear how the dog fared after engaging in a confrontation with a porcupine.

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