Heartwarming Story of a Stray Dog’s Quest for Assistance Goes Viral on the Web

Lately, a series of pictures have been making rounds on social media showing a dog following a group of soldiers during their patrol. The dog appears to be eager to join the soldiers and this has grabbed the attention of people from different countries like Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Everyone is curious to know more about the sweet story behind this adorable encounter.

Lately, a series of pictures showing a dog running after a squad of soldiers on their patrol and appearing to express an eagerness to “join” them has created a buzz on social media platforms. The photos have rapidly spread worldwide, particularly in Korea, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam, capturing the attention of internet users who are eager to learn the backstory behind this adorable event.

As per the article on Los Tiempos website, the pictures were clicked by a photographer named Luis Fernando Chumacero while roaming around Tupiza’s streets in Bolivia during the quarantine phase due to the pandemic. Initially, there were rumors that the fawn dog spotted in the images was a homeless one, but it turned out to be a beloved pet dog of the army residing in their barracks. The dog’s name is Gorda, and each unit of the regiment takes responsibility for adopting dogs, and they live together with the soldiers, sharing meals and participating in training like any other soldier. This fact was explained by Colonel Luis Pacheco, who serves as the Director of the Department Army Logistics IV.

As soon as the Covid-19 outbreak hit, and the soldiers started their patrols to fight the epidemic, Gorda immediately followed them. Seeing her eagerness to accompany them, the soldiers in the vehicle made the spontaneous decision to take her along. It was during this touching moment that the photographer fortunately captured the scene, immortalizing the special connection between Gorda and her “brothers” in the army.

The adorable dog, known as Gorda, is not a stray roaming the streets but a beloved pet residing in the barracks. According to Colonel Luis Pachecho, Director of the Department Army logistics IV, each regiment adopts dogs that live and train like soldiers and serve as their mascots. When the soldiers were patrolling during the Covid-19 pandemic, Gorda eagerly followed them, prompting the soldiers to take him along. The heartwarming scene was captured by a photographer and has since gained attention.

Right after Gorda hopped into the car, another grey dog came running up, eager to join in on the ride. This furry friend goes by the name of Multicam and is the beloved mascot of a different department.

f interest on social media platforms and has gained a significant following. Many people find the photograph of the two dogs to be adorable, and it has become a source of joy for many individuals. The picture is widely shared, and people often tag their friends and family members to share the happiness that the image brings.

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