“Heartwarming Tale: Abused Puppy Overcomes Severe Injuries and Finds a Loving Home”

A puppy that was found with a hairband tightly tied around its snout was handed over to a shelter that doesn’t euthanize animals.

The hair accessory had become deeply embedded in her skin, causing considerable inflammation and making her petite face swell up to three times its normal size. Thankfully, Cincinnati Animal CARE stepped in to administer prompt medical attention, extracting the hairband and closing up the sizable wound. The shelter personnel affectionately dubbed her Tiffany, in honor of their preferred musician from the 1980s.

The hairband was allegedly used to restrain a puppy from barking, similar to how zip ties are typically used. The extent of the abuse was revealed through graphic Facebook posts from the animal center. Tiffany, the abused puppy, was taken care of by a rescue team and spent the night with medical staff. She is now healing well, eating and drinking as she should, and is being cared for by a kind-hearted person who found her. Tiffany’s swelling has decreased considerably, and her face is being stitched up and healing nicely. Cincinnati Animal CARE is asking for information about Tiffany and her abuser, and PETA is offering a reward for anyone who can provide leads on an arrest. If you have any information about this incident, please call Hamilton County Dog Wardens at 513-541-7387.

Check out the latest news about Tiffany! According to Cincinnati Animal CARE’s Facebook page, our adorable furry friend recently visited the shelter. Tiffany’s sutures are looking great, and she’s recovering splendidly. She’s also doing fantastic in her foster home with her loving caretakers. It’s amazing to see how much resilience animals possess, as Tiffany is now a thriving, happy, and healthy little pup!

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