Meet a Special Cat with a Fighting Spirit and a Story to Share

Say hello to Keta, a feline that was rescued from a kill shelter. She had a mouth tumor that needed to be removed before she could embark on a better life. Unwanted NYC Pets came to her rescue and gave her a second chance at life. However, before anything else, Keta’s tumor had to be taken care of. The growth was so massive that it deformed her entire face. Nonetheless, the rescuers were determined to help her in any way possible. They consulted with several medical professionals and underwent several tests before deciding to proceed with surgery. Although there were risks involved, such as losing an eye, needing a feeding tube or being too deformed for adoption, they went through with it anyway. Fortunately, none of these setbacks occurred, and Keta is now ready for a brighter future.



Keta underwent several medical procedures including a biopsy, X-ray scan and the removal of a tumor. However, she is now recovering very well and her skin is tightening which has given her full vision in both eyes. Not only that, she is eating well and enjoying life again. The only thing left for Keta to leave behind her painful past is finding a loving forever home.


The individuals who saved the cat wrote a heartfelt message, inviting you to adopt her into your home. According to them, she adores both humans and canines. Are you the perfect match to provide a forever home for this resilient cat and bring joy back into her life?


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