Loving Father: Golden Retriever Tending to His Expectant Mate

Hey dads, do you remember the time when your wife was pregnant and how you took care of her? I’m sure you do! It must have been a challenging time for you when you had to take care of all the household chores and run errands. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this experience. There are many others who have gone through the same thing. And if your spouse disagrees with your recollection of events, you can always show them this viral video of a golden retriever taking care of his mate during labor.

The internet went crazy over these adorable Golden Retrievers. Their viral video showcased the male dog dutifully adjusting the air conditioning temperature as soon as his owner woke up. He then grabbed a small basin and headed to the kitchen, where he used his paw to turn on the faucet and filled it with water. The proud pup then brought the filled basin to his companion. Later, when she needed exercise, he even got her leash for her. Despite being pregnant, she still needed to stay active, so the male dog decided to join her in her walk by chewing on the other end of the leash. These Goldens are simply too cute!

The father dog had some free time to run some errands while this was happening. During this part of the day, he went to the kitchen and helped make his partner’s meal. They decided to have chicken, fish, shrimp, and vegetables. Daddy dog even aided his owner in cleaning up and took out the trash.

During dinner, he displays gentlemanly qualities by allowing his mate to eat first even if he’s hungry from all his efforts. This is because she is also eating for their pups. Later on, he invites her for a post-dinner run but his wife chooses to stay at home. This was when the labor began and their fur parents quickly prepared a nest for her as they sensed what was about to happen. The room that was once just for the two of them became a warm and loving home for their growing family.

In a sweet and heartwarming scene, we witnessed the birth of a litter of puppies from their proud mother. The owners made sure to clean each one thoroughly and left them to feed on their mother’s milk. To assist with her recovery, they provided her with easily digestible meals. Eventually, the proud father, a lovable retriever, welcomed seven healthy pups into the world. Each pup has its own colorful collar, making them look like a mini rainbow. Now, the daddy dog has a new responsibility, taking care of his mate and their precious offspring.

This adorable young golden retriever has proven to be quite dependable, so we have no doubt that they will be just fine. Watch as this affectionate pup lovingly cares for their entire family in the heartwarming video below.

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