“Miraculous Recovery: Pitbull Overcomes Severe Burns and Embraces a Joyful Life”

Justice the Pit Bull is a unique dog who has an inspiring story. Despite his unconventional appearance, he possesses a beauty that is all his own. Unfortunately, Justice had a rough start in life due to the mistreatment and abandonment he endured. However, he was able to persevere and survived until he was rescued by the compassionate staff at the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. Finally, Justice was able to experience the love and respect that every dog deserves. Today, he continues to defy the odds and lives life to the fullest. Justice only wishes that those who abused him would be held accountable for their actions.

Justice’s story began in 2018 when he was found wandering the streets of Indiana. At only two years old, he had suffered severe chemical burns, which appeared to be intentional. It was a miracle that he was still alive after enduring so much pain and trauma. Despite everything he had been through, Justice showed resilience and strength, refusing to give up on life.

Upon arrival at the shelter, Justice was promptly given the necessary medical attention by the staff. His injuries required bandaging, and his skin slowly began to heal while his fur started to regrow. Although he may never look exactly the same as before, he is loved by the shelter staff for who he is, a sentiment shared by others as well.

Initially, Justice was sad, but he has since come a long way. According to veterinarian Jessica Lynch, he now exudes a lot of character and is a happy, lively dog. After receiving training and medical attention for about a year, Justice was set to be put up for adoption. People from various states and countries had already expressed interest in adopting him.

However, due to the shelter’s policy of wanting to be close by in case Justice needed further attention, only applicants within a 100-mile radius were considered. Despite this limitation, Justice’s future looked bright as he embarked on a new life with his forever family.

As expected, Justice found a loving home in no time and settled in comfortably. His new owners have been sharing regular updates about him on the shelter’s social media, which has helped him gain a large following. Despite his troubled past, this sweet pooch is now living his best life and it shows.

Teaching Justice was a challenging task due to his difficult background. He would often resist instructions and display stubborn behavior. To help him improve, he received training from an excellent dog trainer named Lexi for over a year. As time passed, he developed feelings for her, which made him more compliant. According to Lexi, Justice only has one more training session left with her.

Today, Justice is much more relaxed in his home and has become affectionate. He even enjoys belly rubs from his loving parents. Though it may seem insignificant, rolling over is a sign of vulnerability for most dogs. By doing so, Justice demonstrates his genuine trust in humans. He is confident that he won’t experience any pain while in their company.

Justice deserves justice.

The shelter has been actively trying to pinpoint the individuals responsible for mistreating Justice since the very beginning. They’ve even put up a reward of $5,000 initially, which has now escalated to $20,000 in total, for any information that could lead to the conviction of the offender/s.

Regrettably, there are still unresolved cases, although the shelter has received numerous anonymous tips that have brought them closer to solving Justice’s case. They managed to locate a previous owner of Justice, who was known as “Roscoe” at the time. It is uncertain whether the individual who made the claim is truthful when they say they gave Justice away before the incident occurred. Unfortunately, there is insufficient evidence to convict anyone for this horrible crime in either scenario. If you have any information regarding Justice’s circumstances, please contact the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. The cruel person who harmed him must be held accountable as soon as possible.

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