Rescue Cat With Four Ears And One Eye Gets A Stroke Of Luck And Finds A Home

Meet Frenkie, or as he is affectionately known, Frankenkitten. This charming little furball was born with a unique feature – four ears! However, his journey in life hasn’t been the easiest, as he has faced several health struggles including the loss of one of his eyes. But don’t worry, because his story has a heartening twist. Frankie’s road from a challenging beginning to a life filled with love and happiness is a testament to his resilience and the power of kindness. Here’s his incredible tale: Frankie, the four-eared sensation, was found beneath a suburban home, along with one of his siblings. His compassionate owner, Georgi Anderson, recalls their first meeting: “When we discovered him, Frankie had a living sibling, but there may have been others that didn’t survive. The homeowners took both cats in for a few weeks to care for them before bringing them to the shelter for medical attention and adoption.”

Kitten with 4 Ears and One Eye Rescued From Under a House, Finds Someone He  Loves. - Love Meow

Frankie’s distinct appearance is attributed to his large overbite, which required extensive dental work. Sadly, he also lost an eye due to a rupture but this didn’t break his spirit. Although he originally had two eyes upon entering the shelter, the infected eye needed to be removed to save his life. Georgi explains that without the removal, the infection would have turned septic and led to his death. Frankie also experiences joint issues that cause an unusual gait. However, he continues living with enthusiasm and resilience. Georgi, who is now Frankie’s caring owner, reminisces about their first encounter.

Rescue Kitty With 4 Ears And One Eye Escapes Misery After Finding His  Forever Home | Bored Panda

Georgi didn’t fall for Frankie’s appearance, but rather his affectionate behavior and curiosity towards his surroundings, which made her decide to foster him during his recovery from an eye surgery at the animal shelter. Despite being struck by his sweet nature immediately after meeting him, it took Georgi some time to realize that Frankie was indeed special. His physical challenges, especially his eating habits, pose a significant challenge in his daily life, as he struggles to eat wet food due to a mouth defect. But Frankie has learned to adapt and picks kibble with his tongue to enjoy his dry food-only diet.

Rescue Kitty With 4 Ears And One Eye Escapes Misery After Finding His  Forever Home | Bored Panda

Frankie, despite facing some obstacles, is a charming and endearing furry friend. He spends his days snoozing in cozy nooks, seeking affectionate cuddles from his owner, and occasionally exhibiting bursts of playful energy. What’s more, Frankie resides alongside furry siblings, which only enhances his daily routine. Georgi notes that Frankie has a quirky personality but is also incredibly loving and affectionate. Additionally, he seems to know when Georgi has had a rough day, making him an exceptional companion. Georgi even suggests that Frankie’s personality is akin to that of a dog-like nature.

Rescue Kitty With 4 Ears And One Eye Escapes Misery After Finding His  Forever Home | Bored Panda

Frankie’s adventure is truly remarkable and his owners feel grateful to have him as a part of their lives. His experience showcases the ability of love and resilience to create an unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved furry companions.

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