Riga’s Tiny Homes for Felines: Preparing for the Winter Season with Cozy Abodes

The city of Riga is building tiny homes for cats in preparation for the upcoming winter. These miniature dwellings are meant to provide shelter for stray cats during the colder months.

Riga, the capital city of Latvia, is known for their kindness towards cats. This is due to an initiative called “Outdoor Cat Houses”, which has resulted in the construction of 80 small cat houses all over the city, placed near apartment buildings. This aims to help stray cats survive the harsh Latvian winter. The cat houses were built using donations made to the cat care community and will provide warmth and safety to hundreds of cats in the upcoming winter season. It is hoped that this will encourage people in the area to care for strays by providing them with food and sterilization. Each house is designed for around 4-5 cats and is made of walls that are properly insulated. Two exits are present in each house, and they are made with sturdy frames that will last for years. In our opinion, the rest of the world should follow Riga’s lead, as strays deserve to be safe and warm during the cold winter days.

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