Saving the Feline Family: A Touching Tale of Rescuing Cats from a Dangerous Fate!

Meet Talin Aintablian, a California resident with a big heart for rescuing cats. One day, she discovered a family of felines living beneath a shipping container, and the kittens were in desperate need of help. To come to their aid, Talin contacted Hope for Paws in LA, a rescue group founded by Eldad Hagar. Despite everyone’s best efforts, one of the kittens had already died, making the situation even more dire. The rescue team was unable to reach the mother and remaining kittens due to the challenging conditions. Therefore, Hagar recruited Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz, his trusted employees, to bring specialized rescue equipment. Upon arrival at the site, they were greeted with a dusty and dirty environment with remnants of dead rodents. With great care, Hagar dug through the dirt to avoid harming the kittens with dust particles.








After a bit of effort, the trio of adorable kittens was successfully saved from beneath the shipping container. Upon their rescue, they were promptly brought to the veterinarian for a complete assessment and necessary vaccinations. Presently, they are residing in the office, and according to Hagar, Lisa’s pit bull/boxer crossbreed, Olive, is joyfully assisting with caregiving responsibilities. The felines are progressing splendidly and are still flourishing!

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