The Heartwarming Tale of a Rescued Dog’s Unforgettable Smile.

Sanford was once known as a “broken dog,” but he’s now full of joy and happiness. Karen Velazquez, his foster mom, describes him as the happiest pup she’s ever met. With 52 fosters under her care, she can confidently say that Sanford is like no other animal or person she has ever encountered. Karen says Sanford’s gaze is mesmerizing and unlike any other – even her own pets can’t compare. The only time Sanford isn’t grinning from ear to ear is when he’s napping or eating.

Sanford required a lot of help before he was taken in by Velazquez. He had a tough time after being hit by a car and left immobile. Not only that, rescuers also found a gunshot wound on his right rear leg. Poor Sanford was found by animal control and sent to a small shelter in Dallas, where he stayed for a week without receiving any medical attention because of the shelter’s budget constraints.

Upon discovering Sanford at the shelter, a Dallas DogRRR volunteer immediately felt the need to help him. The sight of Sanford left her heartbroken as she noticed the severe physical damage he had sustained. When the volunteer tried to approach him, Sanford did not reciprocate with any enthusiasm or excitement. Instead, it seemed like he had lost all hope and was just waiting for a miracle. According to Kerry Anechiarico, the executive director of Dallas DogRRR, Sanford appeared to have given up completely.

The biggest change happened when Sanford was placed under the care of Velazquez. According to Velazquez, Sanford arrived at her home shortly after leaving the hospital on May 1. From that day onwards, he has been noticeably happier. Velazquez thinks that Sanford realized he was in a safe and secure environment as soon as he entered her house.

Velazquez affectionately calls Sanford “Sanfee” and he spends his days leisurely enjoying home-cooked meals, daily walks, and playing with the other dogs in the household. Despite being a senior citizen at the age of ten, Sanford’s energy levels suggest otherwise.

According to Anechiarico, the 10-year-old dog named Sanford is quite ordinary. As she describes him, he reminds her of an elderly person living in a nursing home. Despite his age, however, Sanford has a youthful energy that belies his years. Although he is currently being fostered, everyone hopes that he will soon find his forever home. Anechiarico predicts that Sanford would make a wonderful addition to any family, as he is friendly with both people and other dogs, and even good with children.

According to Anechiarico, this dog is the perfect companion to have at home. He will greet you with a wagging tail and stay by your side for the whole day, keeping you company. This furry friend always has a happy disposition.

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