“Tragic Tale of a Brave Dog: How its Barks Led to a Heartbreaking Discovery of Theft and Poisoning”

Dogs have earned the title of being man’s closest companion for quite a while now. This is due to their caring and devoted qualities that are widely known. Not only are they known for that, but they are also willing to put their own lives at risk in order to safeguard their human counterparts. The story of Achy Wijaya and his dog is a perfect example of this kind of loyalty and bravery. Wijaya, who resides in Merauke, Indonesia, recalls hearing his dog bark incessantly the night before it passed away. He initially assumed that the dog must have been agitated by a cat or some other animal. Later on that night, the barking stopped, and Wijaya went to sleep. However, the next day, Wijaya came across the devastating sight of his dog lying lifeless on the ground after being poisoned, which broke his heart.

Recently, during the nighttime, our house was targeted by some thieves. Fortunately, they were unsuccessful in stealing anything from us as our beloved pet dog kept barking and alerted us to their presence. It wasn’t until the next morning that we discovered our canine had been poisoned by the intruders. Living in Papua, it was difficult to find a veterinarian who could help, especially on a Sunday. Despite our efforts to save him by giving him milk, oil, and coconut water, we were unable to fight off the poison, and sadly, our loyal furry friend passed away. We decided to lay him to rest in a grave in our backyard to honor his bravery and loyalty.

The tears of the dog in the video are a clear indication that it was not yet ready to leave its owner Wijaya. It is truly heart-wrenching to witness the life of a brave dog cut short at the hands of cruel thieves. We can only hope that the dog’s spirit is now at peace in the afterlife. Wijaya shared the footage of his beloved pet’s final moments on Facebook as a way to raise awareness about this kind of crime. You can view the video by following this link.

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