“Unconventional Friendship: Olive the Pig’s Belief in Being a Part of a Dog Pack”

Meet Olive, the cutest little pig you’ll ever lay your eyes on! She resides with a lovely family in Sydney, Australia, alongside three humans and three dogs. Since her upbringing around dogs, Olive has become one of them, as she believes she’s part of the pack. Her human family doesn’t mind her behavior, as she seems to lead a joyful life mimicking the dogs’ routines. Olive is content living every day like a dog, relishing each happy moment that comes her way.

Upon bringing Olive home, Alissa and Nick Childs were apprehensive about how well their French Bulldog, Lola, would take to the piglet. But they were in for a pleasant surprise as Lola embraced Olive as if she were her own offspring. In fact, Alissa described it as a beautiful sight to witness Lola assume the role of Olive’s adoptive mother.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this tale is Alissa’s impressive photography skills. She not only loves caring for her four beloved “dogs,” but also captures these special moments to share with others. Olive is undoubtedly content in her family’s care, and is treated as a true member of the pack.

Meet Olive, the furry four-legged friend who enjoys a collar, strolls in the park, snoozes with her canine pals, eagerly races to the gate when visitors arrive, and even lounges on the couch. She has the freedom to come and go from the house, allowing her to nibble on the grass whenever she pleases.

Alissa has a team of animals that cannot be stopped, including Olive the pig, Lola the French Bulldog, Tilly the British Bulldog, and Alfie the Boston Terrier. She mentioned to Bored Panda that she wants to expand her family even more by adding a miniature donkey. With Alissa’s love for dressing up her furry friends and throwing parties, it would be exciting to see a donkey join the fun!

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