Unstoppable Mother Dog: Caring for her Puppies After Owner Abandoned Her and Surviving a Train Accident.

It’s heart-wrenching to witness the unfortunate situation of homeless dogs left alone. Nevertheless, not all mother dogs possess the same bravery, resilience, and loyalty towards their offspring like Si Bao.

The dog was left by its owner, and it had a terrible accident when its hind legs were crushed by a train. The dog’s life seemed very sad until it gave birth to four lovely and healthy puppies. The puppies became the motivation for this unfortunate mother dog to keep going.

Si Bao’s life took a positive turn after having children as she found joy in living again. She became resilient and strong, dedicating herself to taking care of her kids. Si Bao walked on two legs while keeping a close eye on her children.

Si Bao’s fortune improved when Animals Asia, a nonprofit organization founded by Jill Robinson, rescued his family and named him an animal ambassador. Consequently, Si Bao was moved to the organization’s headquarters, where he can now start a new life with his offspring, instead of relying on leftover food scraps from train travelers to survive. Muddie is the only surviving member of his family.

In addition, the adorable Si Bao has been given a brand new name – Lelly. She is now preparing to get wheeled prosthetic legs that will enable her to move around with greater ease. Sadly, out of Lelly’s four puppies that were discovered by the organization, only one named Muddie survived due to high fever. These days, Lelly is serving as an ambassador for Animals and enjoys a comfortable life.

Despite her small size, Lelly showcases an unwavering spirit that refuses to succumb to adversity.

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