When Hunger and Thirst Take a Toll: A Stray Dog’s Pathetic State of Being

Barilla, a dog who was taken to a rescue center for cats and dogs in Granada, Spain, was in a sorry state. She was severely undernourished and her internal organs weren’t functioning properly. Her muscles were weak and she could no longer walk, leaving her paralyzed in one spot. The rescue center staff were concerned that the 7.2kg Barilla wouldn’t make it through her critical condition. Time was of the essence as even a short delay could cost her life.

The staff at the facility where Barilla was staying noticed that she was unable to stand on her own, so they gave her a supportive aid to help her build up her muscles. They also made sure to keep her well-hydrated for six hours before introducing any more nutritious foods. Unfortunately, Barilla had scratches on all four of her legs from crawling on the ground. Although she was able to muster up the strength to drink water after being hydrated for six hours, her progress was short-lived.

After receiving a week of care and therapy, Barilla has gained 4kg in weight. Despite the improvement, she still struggles with walking and standing for long periods, causing her to often fall to the ground. It took another six weeks before Barilla started eating properly, but once she did, she displayed the energy levels of any healthy dog, running and leaping with enthusiasm. The shelter staff were committed to providing Barilla with the care she needed, displaying great dedication. Eduardo Rodriguez, the shelter’s owner, fell in love with Barilla at first sight and decided to adopt her. Barilla now resides with Eduardo, his wife, his 14-year-old daughter, and five other dogs on the outskirts of Granada.

After spending months on the streets, Barilla finally has a place to call her own. Anh Rodriguez, who had not adopted a dog since losing one in an accident five years ago, felt a connection to Barilla and decided to take her in. From the start, their bond was strong and affectionate. Barilla has made an incredible recovery, eating 5-6 meals a day and gaining 1kg daily since being rescued. She now weighs 20.8kg and is almost fully healed.

Barilla, a puppy who was only ten months old, was found by the locals and brought to the rescue center and police. The authorities are currently investigating who could have abandoned the poor dog in such a state.

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